Friday, February 10, 2012

10 Years and Counting

My baby turned 10 today. She was born at 1:04 a.m. on February 10, 2002. 8 lbs., 9 oz. 2 pushes. Less than 2 hours in labor. On her due date. Anna Rose.

She was gorgeous.

I thought for sure I was having a boy because she felt so different from her older sister when I was carrying her. She was so much more physical. Kicking, stretching, rolling. But I was glad she was a girl. I wanted B to have a sister. Sisters are so important.

Anna is still physical - when she gives you a hug, you know you've been hugged. She has always been Mama's girl. There were times I thought that if she could climb back inside me, she would.

That's me in the back row, with Anna pulling my (red) hair.

She was a happy, jolly baby. Her sister had generally been more solemn. Not Anna!

She was a jolly toddler and preschooler, too.

She loves to sing, to dance and has her own sense of style. When in doubt - make it fancy!

She loves her big sister more than just about anybody. 

Except maybe her bestie, who she met when she was 3.

Kindergarten was a snap for this girl. She waved good-bye and never looked back!

She is a book reader, science lover, movie watcher, deep thinker. She is a ray of sunshine in our lives.

Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have this amazing girl (and her equally amazing sister) in my life?


  1. I love these photo essays that let us watch the progression. In fact, I'm so charmed by your lovely girl that I almost forgot to rail at the injustice of a two-hour labor. Almost.


  2. Hi Anna! I loved the pictures. You had so much fun when you were little! I also liked the cookie that you gave me at lunch on Friday. Tell your mom I liked it! Too bad you didn't get to hand them out. I think people would of liked them! You are a good friend. Well, have a happy birthday Anna!

    Your Friend,
    Riley (: (;

  3. These pictures are making me faint. The cuteness is baked right in! Hope 10 is a great year for Ms. Anna. What a beautiful girl.