Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right knee yesterday. I was advised that it is a normal part of the aging process.

"Aging process?"

No way. Not me. My trick knee is not a product of age, no sir-ee. My crunchy, crackly knee is the result of riding, running, cycling, rock climbing, swimming and most definitely DANCING.

I was (and still am when I have the occasion) a dancing mo-chine. If there is a tune with a beat, honey I am all over it. I embarrass my kids, I amuse other drivers and I think Hombre might possibly be tired of my 21 years of repeated pleas to take dancing lessons with me. I love weddings for many reasons, not the least of which is a dance floor and folks to shimmy with. I'll do The Bird, the chicken dance, the limbo and the hokey-pokey. I'll circle up for the Hora or what ever ethnic flavor is offered. I will square dance, line dance and bump. I have no shame.

In college, my nickname was "Meg Pauken On The Dance Floor." If you remember the '80's, you may know where this came from. My all-time favorite band (after The Talking Heads) - Midnight Star.

And my favorite song? No Parking On The Dance Floor, of course!

I have loaded it onto my iPod so I can listen while I do my knee-strengthening exercises. As my Dad used to say, I may wear out, but I'll never rust out!


  1. When we meet, let's just go dancing. I LOVE to dance, too (although, I must admit, not to the Macarena, Chicken Dance, etc.). On my iPod are "Rhythm is a Dancer" (Snap!), "What Is Love" (Haddaway), "Good Vibrations" (Marky Mark and Ye Old Funky Bunch)...and a few others. I'm constantly in search of dance tunes to put on my workout playlist. You've just given me one.

  2. Here via Jocelyn. I was in college in the early-mid 80's and what we did for fun was go dancing. It helped that I went to schol in a town with a big music scene (Athens, GA) and plenty of clubs. I miss that!

  3. That is the best nickname ever!

    Shake that thang!